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Regugee Mysths

The myths that surround asylum seekers and refugees are many and they are repeated constantly. We have a few listed here with the facts about them.


Asylum seekers are put at the head of the queue for housing.


Asylum seekers when they arrive in the UK have no say in where they will be put. They will be placed in a shared house with strangers.


Once asylum seekers are awarded refugee status, government support stops after just 28-days. Faced with a cliff edge and no support to find new housing, open a bank account, and secure income, among other activities needed before being evicted, many refugees are at significant risk of homelessness and/or destitution.

For  an excellent study of housing and asylum seekers and refugees see


Asylum seekers get more than UK citizens in benefits.


Asylum seekers get £35 per week to pay for everything – food, toiletries, clothes.


Asylum seekers come to the UK because we are a soft touch.


The UK asylum system is strictly controlled and complex. It is very difficult to provide the evidence needed to be given asylum. 44% of claims are initially rejected.


Since 2005 most people recognized as refugees are only given to stay for 5 years.


Most all asylum seekers live in poverty and hunger unable to pay for basics.


Most asylum seekers no nothing about welfare benefits before they arrive and had no expectations that they would receive support.


The UK is being swamped by asylum seekers.


The UK is home to only 1% of the world’s refugees.


Only 32,693 asylum seekers came to the UK in the last six months (UK immigration statistics September 2019). The number of asylum applications equates to a tiny fraction of non-EEA (non-European Economic Area) nationals arriving in the UK.



The above information and more can be seen on the Refugee Council website at

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