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Integration Activities

Life for asylum seekers & refugees is

characterised by stress, danger,

deprivation of rights and economically.

The norm has become one of tension.


We try to restore a sense of normality and

so improve mental health by providing

activities and spaces where they can

learn, socialise and gain confidence.

Activities have included: football,

day trips, arts, drama, dance, with

pottery and bread-making experiences,

aided by local partners such as the

New Vic Theatre, Bread in Common and Appetite (an arts initiative based in Stoke on Trent).


We encourage integration by getting together with local people by providing opportunities to be involved in activities such as: the British Ceramics Biennial (a 5 week celebration with exhibitions, demonstrations, participation) which was very pertinent to Stoke on Trent with a long history of ceramics; a supper club; a Women’s March. Again this kind of activity will also demonstrate the rich culture and heritage and traditions of the UK to our clients.


If you would like to become involved or have some ideas about integration activities then please contact us.

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