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English Spoken as an Other Language

Not being able to communicate is a very basic and real problem that can lead to others – from not being able to talk to a shop assistant to ask a question to being unable to answer questions needed by the various government departments that AS&R must interact with as part of their claim for asylum or after they are given leave to remain.


Above this, not being able to communicate causes isolation. Being midst many but unable to interact. This isolation will sooner or later lead to sadness, depression, stress. It is now recognized that isolation is a real danger to our health – equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes a day.


Our research amongst our clients shows that in their country of origin:

  • 48% have no experience of English as a foreign language.

  • 44% only basic experience of English.

  • 8% an average skill.


Once in the UK 83% will not have any experience of English as a second language prior to coming to BJP.


As asylum seekers are not entitled to any education provided by the state it is down to charities such as ours to start the process of learning a new language. Without this they cannot assimilate themselves into our culture or thrive.


Our lessons are delivered by a qualified ESOL teacher with an emphasis on teaching English through using practical examples that help our students learn about life, culture and history of the UK.

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