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Case Studies

Statistics provide data on numbers of people, gender, race, religion, age and so on. These numbers do help us to understand the problem and to manage the way we work.


But, at the end, we never forget that we are helping people, not numbers, and that their stories can show us and others what people have endured and how we can help.

S's Story

S arrived in the United Kingdom following a long and treacherous journey from Iraq. S came to us in very poor general health and was extremely psychologically distressed. In spite of S’s limited English and recognising his urgent need for medical and psychological review, we secured appointments with the asylum psychiatric health team, the GP and asylum housing.


S’s immediate needs were met in terms of provision of suitable warm clothing and shoes, food parcels and transport tickets for his medical appointments. S was unable to read or write and we informed him of the English language lessons which he now regularly attends.


S is now settled in Stoke and is very much part of the local community. S says: ‘the Burslem Jubilee has helped me with my health and confidence…I am much more peaceful and very happy knowing I have support and friendship at the Burslem Jubilee’.

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